Mission & Vision

We leave no stone unturned to protect the interests of the company’s global network of customers and stakeholders. Our team strives to provide the highest level of quality craftsmanship with technology and human resources.

Our vision is based on:

  • Innovation, processes and technological pursuits after extraction of raw material.
  • We aspire to develop successful processing models accepted in the international market.
  • Aligning with customer goals is most important for our success and geographic growth.
  • Meeting demands of remodeling and building sectors.

As a continued measure, we hope to be a trendsetter offering premium quality slabs &Tiles as ideal surface material.

Core competencies

As quarry owners, we supply materials to global customers consistently meeting Quality parameters like:

  • Customer needs
  • Analysis & creating effective proposals
  • Maintaining color variation & premium quality
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • Exact Sizes
  • Timely Delivery

Quarry Advantages

We recommend stone usage to enhance aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness.Sourcing from our exclusive quarries provides numerous advantages:

  • Customers can plan their large projects better with regular consumption of exact slabs.
  • Expert guidance is provided for choosing color combinations and contrasts.
  • Our technical team supports your decision-making.
  • We safeguard customer property at a professional level before it leaves the destination.
  • Get blocks, semi-finished and finished products based on specific requirements of the project.
  • Being quarry owners, our team can also procure blocks from other quarries to meet our customer needs.

Company Profile

A Shravan Kumar – Man behind the rise of Shanthari Exports Private Limited

Civil Engineer | Entrepreneur | Exporter

It all began as a fascination to know how exports bring in foreign exchange into the country by an exporter. This thought setup the mind of a young man who would eventually learn the ropes of retrieving natural raw materials for building. In turn he would assist international clients to access the same from India. Having a keen business mind and qualified engineering skills, it was easy for Shravan Kumar to develop unique strategies and explore processes to export stones abroad. With ground research, he aimed to acquire knowledge about natural stone products that have global demands. As part of a valued business approach, Shravan Kumar also attends international exhibitions to discover the latest market trends.

International buyers are straightforward in dealing. It is always a pleasure to route profits through banking channels through such deals. Being a torchbearer of the company, Shravan Kumar continues to keep an eye for disruptions and challenges.

If not busy with work the Managing Director can be seen taking a keen interest in sharing earnings or focusing on charities which the company endorses.


Taking advantage of the Government of India schemes to support exports the company Shathanri Exports Private Limited was formed in 1994. Being exempt from Income Tax, helped it to register revenue growth and rise multi-fold. A thorough study of international buyers, distribution networks, and marketing the right products has been the main foundation of doing business. Even before establishing the company, Pan-India research was done on various kinds of building materials and natural stones. This naturally paved a clear path to start the company with a strong Mission and Vision which is being followed until today. Attending trade shows and exhibiting our products in international exhibitions opened the doors for direct business.

Improvement in processing
In the early 90s, India had very limited means to extract natural stones from quarries. But the wealth of raw material was undeniable. We only needed to improve the methods of quarrying as it was being done in other parts of the world. As business started we took the onus of shifting from primitive methods to more modern ways to extracting stones. Getting trained staff to handle the equipment and make stone slabs is another critical function we need. With the addition of infrastructure, machinery imported from Italy and Turkey, the company continues to move ahead with its core values.

Establishing processing plants
Having a processing plant right next to the Chennai Port was an important decision for the management. This facility operates fully with the production of stone slabs. Time taken for raw material from the quarry to reach the plant is reduced. Having our own quarries saves time. It also helps international buyers to get the exact quality of stones for their projects.

Advantages of overseas markets
Standard operating procedures in the international market are stringent and our company follows all laws. The parameters set for high-quality products are undeniable. It starts with the selection of material, cutting, processing, packing, and eventually logistics. Complying with these factors ensure we are capable of providing international standard quality. It keeps the company on par with buyer expectations in each country where our goods are exported.

Today, we can proudly say there are no discrepancies in our products. They are established in the global markets as due diligence is done at every stage. Now we are well recognized in the international markets as clients do repeat business with us. We fulfill all criteria related to our product line, forecast demands in time, and plan ahead. The international trends are set by the architectural community that raises the bar with new applications and challenges. With pride, we are able to adapt to the disruptions and enjoy continued business.

“For us, a stone slab is a raw canvas. It can be molded into anything of beauty and aesthetic appeal. As customers understand its natural worth, the possibilities for creation are endless. We are always supportive of the customer’s vision.”


Shanthari Exports brings to life the final vision of eclectic clients for nearly 27 years successfully. Our specialty lies in understanding customer requirements before we enter the quarries for Stone Extraction. We believe it is important to have the right stone surface whether it is granite, sandstone, limestone, or slate. The remarkable signature imprints, colors, and attractive patterns add glamour to the acquisition. Detailed study and research lead us to 100 % business growth each year.

  • The company was started by Mr. A Shravan Kumar in 1994 in Hyderabad and is recognized by the government of India as a genuine natural stone exporter.
  • Shanthari Exports Private Limited is considered an expert in providing Landscaping Stones to international clients.
  • We deliver approximately 4 million square feet of natural stone products each year.
  • Four quarries spread over 90 acres where mining occurs for granite, limestone, slate, and quartzite.
  • Three natural stone factories with Turkish and Italian technology and expertise.
  • In the global market, the variety of stones we supply possess multiple applications.
  • Our exposure to global trends is set by trade shows and international exhibitions showcasing our products.
  • We attend leading trade shows like Dubai Big-5, Coverings USA, Europe Verona-Marmomacc, and India –STONA.
  • The company possesses a strong network in India and abroad.

Customer journey

Our quarries, factories, machinery, and updated infrastructure is instrumental in empowering the customer journey of satisfaction. The sustained and long-term growth is built on the reliability of our products. Architects, individuals, and builders consult us for various usage of stones for their properties.

Our technical team interprets architectural drawings. It enables the architects to optimize their offerings to reduce wastage. This way unique stone patterns can be created with cost-effective strategies. At the initial stages itself,

We have worked with various technical teams in the USA, Europe, Gulf Nations and South America. Devising better ways to customize kitchen countertops is yet another specialty our customers are often happy with. Based on direct interaction and consultancy new products are developed. The focus of production is always on meeting customer expectations with consistent innovative ideas. Using the platform of international trade, we provide mutually beneficial solutions.

Shanthari Exports Private Limited is a Customer-Centric Company that has long-term contracts with shipping lines. The exclusive customer list includes US public companies which have strict rules and compliances for vendors. As per guidelines, we meet the stringent regulations by:

  • Entering annual agreement
  • Ensuring premium quality of materials and products
  • Stocking as per their sales forecast
  • Packing of products meets international standards
  • Timely delivery in designated areas
  • Exploiting resources and capabilities within statutory compliance limits

Sourcing from our genuine quarries

Stones display different characteristics in their natural condition. Our quarries have diverse raw materials to pick up. The features of South Indian natural stone are very distinct from its Northern counterpart. Two significant elements: technical originality and aesthetic appeal will always determine the usage of the stone. The raw material is eventually used for masonry, flooring of a lobby, or landscaping gardens, monuments, tombstones, sculptures, or countertops in bathrooms and kitchens.

Our distinguishing quarries are known for mining:

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Sandstone

We are the leading Landscaping Stone exporters from India.
For value addition, different surface finishes are created. With the help of special machinery imported from Turkey, our craftsmen generate an antique finish to a stone surface. Hand-crafted stones made in our factories have important characteristics like being totally non-slippery which is considered safe for flooring purposes. Exotic greys and Paver stones are yet another variety available in our inventory.

Manufacturing and storage

The company functions efficiently with state-of-the-art technology to process stones or to convert raw blocks into finished products. A well-developed and trained manpower work with automated processes. Processing and stocking material according to the sales forecast of customers is done by an agile team. The factory and storage facility is close to the Seaport. It enables the staff to avoid uncertainties within the country and avoid shipment delays.

Certifications and Approvals

  • Life members of Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry, Government of India’s Capexil, ISO9001-2015 company, SA8000
  • Members of the Federation of Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Our contribution to green energy by water recycling and filtration systems for all wastes generated by manufacturing processes and control of Air Pollution was applauded through Quality Management Systems Award on ISO 9001:2015 by American Accredited Body.
  • We pride ourselves in maintaining Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery and HSE (Health, safety, and Environment) System Implementation.

Export quality natural stones

The management handpicks the selection of stones for customers. They are well suited for functionality, sensibility and typical quality of actual requirement. The company has a structured hierarchy of experts, supervisors, engineers who match the technical excellence required for the global markets. We conduct research on a variety of stones that can make a difference in projects. Our expert team is well-versed in dealing with inquiries from any time zone.

An automated system with the latest upgrades handles international inquiries without any delayed responses. The SAP and ERP management are used to control the operations at the factories and quarries.

Our workforce is updated with:

  • Planning
  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Shipment
  • Immediate response
  • Communication with customers
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