Shanthari Exports Private Limited is the rightful owner of 4 natural stone quarries in South India. Admeasuring 99 acres, we mine, process granites and slate for our global clients. We are in a very strong position to deliver, ship, and execute customized requirements.

Natural stones are made from one or two more minerals. There are three types of such stones- metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous. Natural Stones are ‘God Made’ (environmentally friendly) and manufacturing is man-made.

Limestone and travertine are sedimentary in nature. Slate and quartz are examples of metamorphic types. The most popular ingenious stone is granite.

Shanthari Exports are quarry owners meeting all local and international rules and regulations for mining, processing, and making stones in India. Serving global customers with high-quality stones with a dedicated and professional team helps to build credibility in the market. Having a license ensures no illegal mining is done in eco-sensitive areas. We assure business continuity to our global customers. This is the major advantage we have over small exporters.

  1. Natural stones like granite, limestone, sandstone, and slate do not require additional material for recreation.
  2. They appear in diverse texture, veining, and composition which are important to sustainability.
  3. These materials are durable and low on maintenance.
  4. All stones are recyclable in or outside the premises.
  5. We have our own quarries.

As quarry owners we directly deal with architects, designers, distributors, importers and real estate owners. They enjoy the exclusive natural stones of our quarries. The services begin right from extraction of the raw material to creating custom-made slabs. We also do packaging, shipping in the right containers, and tracking the consignment until it reaches the destination country.

Since we have our own infrastructure, equipment, and high-end machinery it is possible for us to create raw blocks, slabs, tiles, and mosaics. They are cut to size with precision with automated processes.

It is important to take wastage into account to ensure the project is complete. If you order stone from the quarry after 6 months, the texture and pattern may not be the same, slightly varying which is natural in any stone quarry. For the same material there are different quarries. Stockpile at least 10% extra stock of the same stone. In case repairs are required in the future it is useful.

Yes, they do matter as the final look has to be visibly pleasing to the eye. A smooth surface is done by a professional installer. The entire stone layout should be discussed by having a look at the boxes of all stones. For details go to our installation guide page to know more.

You can contact us online for all enquiries related to raw material (Rough or Raw Blocks), processed Finished products (Tiles, Slabs: Cutter size & Gang saw sizes), and making stone slabs. Visit our image gallery to know more. We support all international clients for specific details regarding cutting to size, shipping and packaging.

Our company is always on the forefront of getting innovative trends online. We always display and update our projects done for international clients. This is an opportunity for others to get the latest stones for landscaping, wall cladding, tiles, countertops or flooring. 

The right color is essential to the ambiance. A light shade or pastels tones of granite is an excellent choice for the overall project. Such a smooth surface provides peace of mind and also creates a soft atmosphere. While ordering stones, keep in mind these essentials to relax your clients.

A new trend that is popular in the international market is making healing gardens. This is where natural stones can be used. We are leading suppliers of landscaping stones for many clients. They are best used in healthcare facilities, special gardening projects, and residential complexes. Therapeutic gardens are designed with limestone, slate, Thermal Granite Pavers. Even sandstones are used to add a peaceful ambience. In the form of tiles, mosaics, or slabs they make great pathways with flora and fauna around.

Old quarries that are no longer functional are now buffer zones. We take care to protect the environment around us. Hence, rock blasting sites are far off and do not disturb any being when drilling takes place. The employees are safe when they use explosives to create the energy blast. We use trucks to remove the waste material after quarrying. We clear the land surface from harmful debris.

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