Our infrastructure integrates machinery, quarries, and equipment required for processing with all required safety standards. We use mechanized methodologies as industry experts in India. This allows a wide range of customized stone processing for international clients.

100 employees | 10,000 finished projects | Intensive Labor for quarrying | Cutting edge technology | Computerized control systems | Precision and measurement for slabs | Storage | Packaging & Distribution | Dispatch to an International location/SAP-ERP

Equipment for slab processing

Primary cut-to-size varieties of natural stones featuring Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, and Slate.

  • Double-edged cutting machine normally used in limestone cutting process
  • Polishing, Honing, and Brushing done in 8 stages
  • Tumbling machine
  • Single edge cutting machine
  • Bush hammering & Flaming
  • Calibration machine 2nd, stage of process
  • Gangsaw machine 1st in case of big slabs, gang saw sizes
  • 16-head granite polishing machine 3rd stage of process

The machinery has been imported from the USA, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

The company follows all protocols related to the health of the people working in the production plant. It enables:

  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Health, safety and Environment System Implementation

The company contributes to Green Energy by:

  • Water Recycling and Filtration System for all Wastes generated by manufacturing processes, Control of Air Pollution through Quality Management System.


We were applauded and gained an award on ISO 9001:2015 by the American Accredited Body.


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