The company procures raw materials from Odisha, Telangana, Bellary,Tamil Nadu,Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh in India. The following states are rich belts providing valuable minerals, rocks, and gravel. All these areas are blessed with excellent quality natural stones like granite, sandstone, and slate.  We have a large workforce, which works on the surface of the earth to extract and mine the stones for our international clients who require Natural Stones for Exterior & Interior purposes Having the advantage of a few mines ownership ensures that our customers get the exact Dimensions,Quality,Faster Delivery,Competitive Pricing and details for their requirements.

Historically our business success depends on the exclusive kind of natural stone extracted from these geographically rich areas. Industry-friendly policies in South India are a boon to ownership export companies like ours. The government has graded the raw materials like granite and limestone. Some natural stones come under the ornamental or decorative category.

All our quarries are duly certified by local state government policies from various concerned departments. They are eco-friendly and environmentally cleared for mining purposes on a commercial level.

We have trained staff working from 9 AM to 6 PM. As part of our initiative towards the environment, we continue to conserve the areas. To maintain the work-life balance, healthcare facilities for the staff are a priority. The mining areas are also safe as we promote biodiversity and rehabilitation in the surrounding areas to reduce the impact of vibrations, landslides, and noise pollution.

Stone Color Quarry Address Area
Granite Icon Brown Village Basiggorja No.151, Gunupur (Tehsil), Rayagada Dist, Odisha 6.42 Acres
Granite Tan Brown Sy. 90, Mynampally village, Malyal Mandal, Karimnagar Dist, Telangana 8.27 Hectors
Granite Black Galaxy Sy. 514(P), Ilapavuluri village, Chimakurthy (M), Prakasam Dist, Andhra Pradesh 5 Hectares
Granite Bangrey Chitradurga Dist, Mallakullur Taluk, Jeevansamudra (M), malivarapu (G), Bellari, Karnataka 9.16 Acres
Granite Blue Dhaneiber hampur, Chatrapur (Tehsil), Ganjam Dist, Odisha 8.11 Acres
Granite Green Venkatapur, paralakhemundi (Tehsil), Gajapati Dist, Odisha 9 Acres
Slate Autumn Sy. 404/3p,4p,5p,6p, & 7p, Rayavaram village, Markapur mandal, Prakasam Dist, Andhra Pradesh 4.78 Acres
Slate Gold Sy. 105/(P), Chinna Obinenipalli, Bestavaripeta Mandal, Prakasam Dist, Andhra Pradesh 5.66 Hectors

As one of the reputed granite exporters, manufacturers, processors, and wholesalers we take bulk orders for colored natural stones.

We follow the best practices related to transportation of the raw materials from the quarry to the factory for production. A well-planned transportation policy is important and also a critical component in the natural stone industry for four reasons:

  1. In many cases, the raw material becomes the final product. Careful handling is required for it to reach the Sea Port or Processing Plant
  2. Heavy loading and unloading equipment is used to handle rough blocks (Granite & Sandstones) or thick sheets of (slate orlimestone)
  3. Each natural stone deposit is unique. It contains physical properties and specific aesthetics (like patterns and colors), which cannot be harmed in transit.
  4. Stone is a dense material.

Quarries are often located in a separate geological belt and the final product needs to be shipped elsewhere in the world. We have a strategic transportation policy to ensure that shipment is done via trusted carriers.

Our internal policies related to transportation provide benefits like:

  • Least impact on the geological environment where mining is done.
  • Cost controls with efficient
  • Health and safety considerations.
  • Revenue generation.
  • Work opportunities for the labor class.
  • Contractors and drivers are licensed to operate trucks for transportation.
  • Short lead-time as we are located near the ports.
  • Balanced inventory for emergency requirements.
  • A good reputation as a company.
  • Fabricators and customers are satisfied with the product delivery.

The final stage of policy compliances

Once our product is ready we inform the State Mining Department. The officials come for inspection of the block dimensions in the quarry. Accordingly, the royalty permit fees is paid to the Mines and Geology Department. The stipulated fees are paid for our mining. For selling stone blocks are transported to the nearest port. The company possesses the necessary heavy equipment to handle stone blocks, dress, load, and transport them on flatbed Trucks.

Transporters are hired as per the requirement and any other buyer is purchasing from our quarry. We hold Quarry Licenses as per State & Central Government rules.

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