Procurement & processing of stone
To meet the specific and statutory design standards of international clients, we believe our procurement and processing of stone is the initial step to create a strong global presence. We create values by best selections, customize the orders, and cope with ideal raw material costs. The company possesses a full in-house service that consists of intricate operational methodologies.

  • Trained Manpower like Granite Rough Block markers and geologists are associated with the company.
  • Quality inspector for procuring the material with rich experience. They mark the Granite Rough Blocks in thequarry and transport it to the factory.
  • Processing is done via state-of-the-art Italian technology.
  • For bigger blocks Gangsaw is used.
  • Slabbing, medium and small blocks are done via multi cutter machines.
  • Surface finishes like polishing require 16 head line polishing machines.
  • Bush hammer, flaming sand blast done manually.
  • Sizing is done on laser edge cutting machines.


Quotation & pricing
Once you have explored our product range and visited our image gallery get in touch with us. The marketing team will evaluate your project requirement and offer pocket-friendly prices.


Installation guidance
Enjoy a comprehensive range of services from measuring the natural stone, cutting, finishing, and installation process. We strongly recommend that all natural stone slabs are stored indoors.In the cold months there is a risk of breakage as they are often exposed to the cutting stress.


Once the consignment is received, remove the plastic sheet from the slab before cutting. The slab may be cleaned and examined in direct sunlight for final checks. Onceall quality parameters are checked shipping is done. There will be no defects until the consignment reaches the customer.

  • Chips, cracks, and voids
  • Variance in Gloss levels
  • Manufacturing flaws/defects
  • Color match/Shade Variation
  • Foreign objects such as metals, wood,


Color consistency
Considering natural stones have specific attributes there could be a slight variation in tonal quality. An inherent trait may be expected which will not mar the design of the project. All samples normally do not exhibit the color changes. Some seams may be visible. A visual slab matching can be done to remove color consistency. The inconsistency is normally because of complex blending of minerals. Check all slabs for better results.



  • All corners can be rounded off as in case of counter to psas specified by the buyer.
  • Make allowance for at least 1/8th inch for cut out expansions.
  • Avoid cross-cutting


Polishing and profiling
Choose only experts for the job. Good quality profiling adds to the luster. Avoid over polishing as polishing has already been done in the factory.
PS: These are recommended guidelines and can be modified to suit the actual project while installation. 


Maintenance and Stone care guidance

  • Clean up any spills that occur during installations 
  • Remove access water when doing wet polishing
  • Ensure no water/moisture is trapped between the surface and object
  • Do spot cleaning with pH neutral cleaners
  • Avoid scratching the surface
  • Use excellent quality of sealants
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