Shanthari Exports Private Limited is well known in the global markets for combining art and technology to create values for all stone products. All international clients get a unique combination of professional services, affordable pricing, and high quality of natural stones from our quarries and processing plant. They enjoy comprehensive offerings which include measuring the natural stone, cutting and finishing. The slabs are cut to sizes for any specific commercial application. These aspects are instrumental for precise installation. As a reputed natural stone supplier from South India, we generate new benchmarks with our supplies. Our product lines add beauty to the property with long lasting qualities.
It is significant for us to give personal attention to the labor working in the quarries to control natural stones quality coming for processing in the factory. There are certain characteristics which do not affect the quality of products we deliver.
Some common features found in various stones from India are:
Standard quality:No cracks or visible defects.
Size standards:We quarry material that is easily made into blocks.
Color:Natural stones come in various hues to match custom requisites.
Uniformity:Our team selects stones with consistent characteristics.
Patterns:Natural patterns are always desirable due to uniqueness and contain impressive crystal formations.
Craftsmanship:Processing slabs and customized blocks with the latest cutting and surface finishing equipment is our specialty.


Due to its chemistry and properties the brown granite is common in South India. It has a chromatic palette which is ideal for decorative purposes. The coffee brown shades are found in South Indian quarries.


This is a sedimentary rock which is found in the earth’s ecosystem. Its primary characteristic is a chemical compound called calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is a calcite and is known as a type of mineral.


If you are looking for a very attractive and stylish finish, then it has to be slate. Normally, Earthen tones in color, they are very identifiable from any other natural stone available in India.


The profile of the Indian sandstone stands out due to the veining and appearance. Every region displays a different characteristic. In its organic avatar it is sedimentary and contains minerals and grains.

Overall Applications of our products

The service range includes applications of natural stones for residential and commercial usage. Our USP lies in helping everyone to get best services under one roof for:

  • Wall cladding
  • Flooring
  • Steps and risers
  • Landscaping of gardens
  • Vanity CounterTops
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Commercial Projects

Selection and collection from granite, limestone, slates and sandstone trending in the international market is important for us.

  • Stones suppliers as slabs & Tiles to homeowners and commercial establishments.
  • Visit our factory and order online from our inventory
  • The technical staff guides selection with a reasonable price list.
  • Customized and successful projects undertaken for small batches of slabs &tiles.
  • Optimal packaging facility from factory to final destination.
  • Delivery within agreed timelines at destination.

The team is well known for integrating 5 important points as a reliable vendor in the global market. We get repeat business due to our innovative and trendy stockpile.

Involvement in decision making with customers and architectural design teams
Providing education and opportunities to customers on products and services
Immense technical know-how of the natural stone sector
Innovation and enhancement for repeat business
Problem resolving capacity and mutual sharing of solutions
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